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Good Times Reading Running Weekend Update

Happy Monday and welcome to the Weekend Update! Remember that this is my weekly link-up and you are more than welcome to join in! Please make sure to add your link at the bottom of this post and don’t forget the fine print…you can read all about that here; posts not following these guidelines will be deleted. More than anything, I ask that you help support this growing community and visit some of the other blogs that are participating. If you ever have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

It was a big (HUGE!) NFL Playoffs weekend, so I knew that I’d need to get as much done as possible early on Saturday so that my afternoons on Saturday and Sunday would be free for lazing around keeping track of the football games.

I slept in Saturday (who needs to get up early to run 4 miles?) and then got ready to head out into some fairly moderate temps (upper 20s, low 30s); I was thankful, after hearing about many of your outdoor “adventures” in negative-degree temperatures over the past week. Brrr.

My first stop was Target, for a couple of things that I don’t have to purchase too often but cannot find anywhere else. This is the image that greeted me as I walked in the door:

Um, no thanks, Target. I know you have to follow the “retail” season, but it’s just a little too chilly (and not enough time has passed between me and that post-marathon food festival) for me to think about this kind of nonsense.

Next up, the grocery store. I love that I can leave my groceries in the trunk and then go run – one more plus to running in cold weather, right? 

I had a pretty good run; more on that in the training recap tomorrow. I did get to enjoy a little sunshine, which was so nice, and saw a couple of friends along the trail.

Once I returned home, unloaded those groceries and planned dinner for the evening, there was a lot of this…

What can I say? It’s cold outside and I’m reading a really, really good book. It doesn’t publish until tomorrow; I got my hands on an advance copy for review and I’ll post that later this week. Until then, you’ll be seeing The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins on a lot of “books to read in 2015” lists. You might just want to go ahead and pre-order it today.

Oh, I also got some awesome mail this weekend! I love when we get fun messages in our Picky Bars Picky Club delivery.

I also love my friend Cecilia, from MommiesRun, who sent me some sweet Nuun tattoos and a great note; I’m so excited that we’re going to run a marathon together soon!

Sunday morning began with some good ol’ meal prep for the week; I’m trying to minimize the number of decisions I have to make when it comes to meals. For me, the more I plan the less I have to guess; guessing usually leads to pizza and Raisinets. I love Raisinets. As you can see, I was obviously doing this while eating breakfast which means that everything I prepped also now has pomegranate arils in it; why not? I’m convinced they go with everything.

It was pouring down rain, which normally does not slow me down, but I’m not as keen on walking in the rain. I don’t know how you walkers stay motivated, other than the fact that you have to get back to your car. I hit the treadmill for a good recovery walk and more reading.

I got home just in time to eat some lunch and get ready for the showdown between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers, in Green Bay.

I couldn’t believe this game; I love the Packers (and I hope they smoke the Seahawks) and Aaron Rodgers played one hell of a game. The Cowboys did what they could and it wasn’t enough; an overturned pass completion with just a few minutes left in the game really did us in and there was no recovering from it. Oh, well! We had the best season we’ve had in a long time and, as a Cowboys fan, I’m very, very familiar with the phrase, “there’s always next year.” 

We had a warm dinner of red beans and rice and now it’s time to get back to it. This week I will finally start easing back into a training schedule for the Little Rock Marathon; six weeks…GAH! 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend; stay tuned this week for a new crock pot recipe and a review of The Girl on the TrainNow, tell me all about your (cold) weekend! 

Did you watch any football? What are you reading?

  • Football was certainly watched in our house this weekend! I love the picture of you getting ready for your run. It’s a great shot!! Sounds like you had a great weekend – time to relax and time to get through the to-do list. The perfect type of weekend in my book! Thanks for the book recommendation. I’ll have to put that one on my list too!

    • Oh, yes, Lara…you’re going to have to read this one! Thanks so much; hope your week is going well, so far!

  • I did wind up watching a little football while DH had it on. (poor Peyton) My weekend was inching back toward normal with not enough running reading going on.

    Love your cold weather running outfit. Can’t imagine going to two stores THEN going running though. That’s some willpower. 🙂

    Have a great week!

    • Well, keep in mind that I only had FOUR miles to do on Saturday – ha! I’m not up to your level just yet, M! Yes, we’ve got to get you back on track, but not too fast…take it easy, miss; lots of great things coming up for you!

  • I watched the game too! It was football at its best. You know Tony Romo is from Wisconsin, right?

    I’m reading Scott Jurek’s book Eat and Run. Even tho I’m not an ultramarathoner nor a vegan! I vowed to read a few running books this year and review them on the blog.

    • Wendy, I’m SO glad to hear you’re reading this book; I’ve thought about reading it several times, and just haven’t done it. I also wondered whether I would really get into it, since I have no desire (currently) to become a vegan runner. Can’t wait to hear what you think!!

  • Wine and a book is perfection! I just finished Amy Poehlers book…cracked me up!

    • Oh, I can’t WAIT to read that one, Jen; I’ve got to get in on my list to read soon. She is so funny, but also just so down-to-earth; I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  • We also watched football. My husband’s high school teammate plays for Seattle so we watched that game. I can’t imagine leaving my groceries in the car and running unless nothing was cold/frozen, it gets pretty warm here in SC even on the cold days, it’s not really cold enough for them to be out in the car.

    I hate how swimsuits are already in stores! I wish they’d wait until at least after valentine’s day or so…

    • It is pretty wild to think of leaving stuff in the trunk, right? I grew up in Southeast Texas and that would NEVER work down there! We get just enough cold here, in Arkansas, that this can be possible every once in awhile. How exciting that you and your husband have someone to REALLY root for during the ballgame – that’s so cool!

  • Aah – I’m so jealous of your wine/Kindle/blanket picture! I would have loved some of that! Instead, we had a 4 yr old bday party on Sat AND Sun afternoons. And – the Sat one was for my son at my house – ha!

    Anyway – I couldn’t get my hands on an ARC of Girl on the Train, so I’m anxiously awaiting its pub date and trying not to read anything about it until then. I’ll check out your review after I read it! Have a great week!

    • Okay, so I’m not quite finished (SO CLOSE…I was almost late for work!), but I think you’ll like it. I can’t imagine TWO 4-year-old birthdays, Sarah; if anything calls for wine, I’m pretty sure that would be it – ha! I hope the party went well and that you are recovering nicely. 😉 Thanks so much for visiting the blog!

  • Ugh, it’s WAY too soon for bikinis to be out. WHAT? It’s like setting out Christmas stuff in July.

    • I know, my thoughts exactly! Thank you! I was starting the think I was the “weird” one. I can understand maybe having some out for folks who are going on vacation during the holidays (maybe?), but it’s still a little soon for Spring Break-ers at this point. Oh, well. Hope you’re hanging in there; I’m thinking about you!

  • I went to target this weekend and saw the bikinis too! I think it’s a little ridiculous. Also, pomegranates are my favorite, but I hate having to get all the seeds out!

    • Joanna, have you tried the trick where you cut it half and then bang on the top of it with a wooden spoon? There are YouTube videos about it; I found out about it from my friend Jen at Jen Chooses Joy. Works like a charm!

  • I did, indeed, watch football this weekend. The season’s over for us Ravens fans, and that was a crazy game. I’m glad I’m not the only one who keeps their groceries in the car in the cold to get other things done. I haven’t taken advantage of this for running yet, but I’m sure I will. Looking forward to your crockpot recipe! I’m a slow cooker fiend!!

    • Tiffany, that was a tough game, right? Wow. Some crazy football this weekend, for sure! Thanks so much for your comment and I hope your Monday is going well!

  • oh! i want to read that book – i heard it’s great. i will probably download it now based on your rec. yay!!! 😉

    • It’s like “on the edge of my seat” good, Courtney! I hope you like it; I’ve really enjoyed it…I’m not quite at the end (SO CLOSE – augh!), but so far it has been quite the page-turner! Keep me posted!

  • You hope the Packers smoke the Seahawks?! I am sorry, we can’t be friends anymore… Kidding, but you should prepare yourself to root for the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. 🙂

    I love your flystyle in that running photo! So much pretty gear!

    • Marilyn, I was waiting for reactions from you and Molly to that comment…I’m just an NFC girl, what can I say? 😉 No, I think it’s great that the Seahawks have done so well; all the teams work so hard, and it’s tough to see any of them lose. I was sad for Peyton Manning last night; I wonder if this will be his last year. Thanks so much for your comment; hope your Monday is going well and I’m off to read your training update!

  • Haha it made we laugh when I saw the Target pic…way too early. I watched football this weekend too. Umm did you say you want the Packers to smoke the Seahawks…..NO! Lol. Go HAWKS! 🙂

    • I know, Sherry…everyone hates me because I’m not rooting for the Hawks – ha! I wish them all the best; everyone gets their turn, you know? Thanks so much for visiting the blog; hope your Monday is going well!

  • my best friend is from Texas so I was rooting for the Cowboys in her honor – but I’m not a fan of Romo or Jones so was happy to see the Packers win. but more importantly the Ravens lose 🙂 Sounds like oyu had a good weekend and oh, hey! we have the same shoes!!! 🙂

    • Don’t you love those shoes, Mar? I mean, I’ve been wearing the same type (GEL-Cumulus) for years, but I really like these colors. I just bought another pair because I know the new ones will come out in the spring. Yes, the Ravens lost! I was thinking about you… 😉 Hope you have a good Monday!

  • Grocery shopping BEFORE a run has to be much more productive than going after a long run (and purchasing everything in sight). Maybe Target is trying to hint all of us to take a tropical vacation 😉

    • Jenny, I think your idea of subliminal tropical vacation messages is the BEST! I’ll learn to embrace the swimsuits, in this case. 😉 Yes, I ate breakfast before I left home, ran my errands (and did not buy ALL the food), and then ran and ate lunch afterward. This will probably never happen again – ha! Thanks so much for visiting the blog today; hope your Monday is going well.

  • New reader! I did a lot of reading on Saturday for a lazy afternoon and evening. I finished a mystery I was reading, and I didn’t want to put it down. My Kindle said 67% read when I started, and I read the entire afternoon.

    • I think the Kindle percentage is a blessing and a curse; I was almost late for work this morning because that 91% can be very deceptive – ha! 😉 I really did NOT want to stop until I could finish, but, alas…oh, well! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, Lesley! Thanks so much for visiting the blog and your comment.

  • Bikinis! No way! I wish stores wouldn’t do that. Football was on in our house, but I must confess I didn’t may too much attention. I can tell what is going on by my husbands yelling ummm… I mean informative commenting. I joined up for the Weekend Update for the first time. Thanks for hosting!!

  • Tara! You’re a rockstar for running in the cold, cold weather. I love those Lesley tights!

    I watched football this weekend. I won’t say which game, or who I was rooting for, because I know you don’t like the team. Ha! Marilyn and I are going to somehow get you to come over to our side for the rest of this post-season. 🙂

    • Don’t be sad, Molly; like I told Marilyn, I’ve just always been an NFC gal! It’ll be interesting to see how the match up plays out…I can’t wait! I just still can’t believe how moderate your weather is in Tacoma; it’s wild! We’re moving…hahaha!! 😉

  • Love your running outfit!! I wanted to order the same top with my holiday gift cards, but the mediums in that color were sold out (sad face). Oooh Target…..I need to stop by to pick up some Valentines Day stuff haha (wrapping paper). Can’t believe Little Rock is already around the corner!

    • Don’t get sucked in at Target, Jen – hahaha!! That place gets me every time; I rarely leave with “just” the things I went in to purchase because I always find something cool (not swimsuits, though). I can’t believe there were no mediums – dang! The fabric is fantastic; I can’t believe I’m running in wool. Thanks so much for your comment; hope you’re having a good week!

  • Lookin good in that running outfit! Whenever it’s chilly here I think of everyone across the country dealing with crazy cold temps, nice job getting out there!

    • Thanks so much, Lily! I hope things are still going well for you in CA; thank you for visiting the blog and, yes, please think of us as you are strolling through the warm sunshine. 😉

  • I just finished Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. WOW – that was quite a read.
    You are motivating me to join the Picky Bars club – yum!
    Sounds like you had a great weekend! 🙂

    • Natalie, I love that book as well; lots of twists and turns, right? Those are my favorite! Picky Bars are delicious; I’m so thankful that I found them. Thank you so much for visiting the blog and for your comment; hope your week is going well!

  • You know I LOVE me some football! However it seems that EVERY single team I rooted for has lost. So I cheered for the Cowboys and you know how that went! lol. I was so happy that worked out for me since I HATE the Cowboys. I personally think it was karma from last weeks call vs the Lions. On the book front I am reading Before I Go by Colleen Oakley. I started it just before the holidays but I stopped because I was so busy. Just started up again and I LOVE it!

    • So what you’re telling me, Monica, is that you completely jinxed us in the playoffs? Hahahaha!!! Hilarious. Well, we can hope for another season, right? Maybe the Texans will go further next year!! I’m glad to hear you are enjoying Before I Go; I’ve heard lots of folks talking about it, so I’ll be interested in reading your review. Hope you have a great day and thanks for the comment!

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