Similarities & Linkages Between Writing and Running

If you are a runner and at the same time you are a runner, you must have realized how running a race and writing are similar. To run and write gives rise to several similarities. There are facts about running and writing that such an article will shed light on that you should be enlightened about if you partake in running and writing or either.

  • Consistency

For a long-term career in the field of running or writing, you need to be consistent.  To run and write requires you to push yourself even when you do not feel like doing either. However, there is that satisfaction after the struggle to get yourself to write or run that is relieving you should not miss out on. Showing up is most important to maintain consistency.

  • Sleep

At the end of a writing or running session, you will most probably feel drained.   A good night’s sleep is what you need to bring back that energy and zeal of life. Sleep is effective in making you un-stick your mind and body. As you sleep, muscle-building proteins and released, and your body undergoes psychological recovery. However, most runners tend to skip sleep by waking up too early and the writer staying up too late, which is greatly discouraged.

  • Creation

 Writing and running have a way of creating something out of nothing to be traced back to the writer or runner. The level of satisfaction that comes with creation can be seen on a trail made or a page filled with words.

  • Solitude

Being a runner or writer needs you to develop the Ok nature of being alone. Solitude is a common feature between writers and runners, even with the existence of writing workshops or group runs. To run and write needs you on your own most times.

  • Feeling drained

The end of a running session is quite similar to the end of an intense writing session or day. It creates that feeling of being empty or drained that is wonderful enough to make you realize you have given it your all and nothing else is left.

  • Coffee

Coffee is a legal drug that is effective in enhancing performance. Writers and runners have an addictive connection to coffee as it stimulates and influences their productivity optimally.

  • Becoming consumed

Running and writing have a way of pulling you to keep yourself thinking about what to write next or how long it will take you to cover an extra mile in your running session.  Writers are always mentally working all the time, whether at the dinner table, in the office, at the restaurant, or during showering, about what they will write in the next paragraph or page.  As a runner, your thoughts are directed towards your running pace, the number of calories you are burning, or the next running trail to explore. 


The health and science of the human body’s performance are linked to many aspects of your life.  Being a writer or a runner requires one to develop a sense of self-awareness. Reading and writing require patience and preventing burnouts by making yourself know when you need to stop for a short while. There are other things that running and writing have in common if you take a closer. To run and write can be a special skill if you possess the liking of both as you will relate to both of them in many of your life activities.

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