How Reading and Running Are Capable of Changing Runners Life

Aimlessness can take you to the bottom levels of life that can make you forget who you are. You can be a grown-up but still, fail to comprehend who you are and what you want. In such a state of unknowing of self, you keep sinking to that alcohol, drug, or anything that makes you forget your state of hopelessness. You can get to the point where your hobbies become self-destructive, and it can be worse if your friends are in the same state. To save yourself from such a state may need you to figure out what sport is the most life changing to you.

To value your life once more needs you to learn the art of reading, writing, and running.

What does this mean?

  1. Reading

Reading is one way to make yourself learn new things by the end of the day. You cannot claim to be idle once you develop an interest in reading as there are billions of books to choose from.  Books can help you learn new things each day that can influence the development and maintenance of good relationships with friends and family, giving you more reason to be alive.  Reading gives life worth living by creating a new experience within yourself every day you turn over a new page. Reading the right books can fill you with positivity as it is an efficient way to use your time constructively and avoid self-destruction. For each book you read, evaluating oneself will make you learn things about yourself that you know nothing about.  Eventually, you get to believe in yourself and easily engage in other uplifting activities like writing and running.

  1. Writing

Writing can be a difficult task due to the failure of the brain to generate new ideas to write about. Through writing, you can make a living while still adding value to your own life. If you are lucky, you can meet authors of the books that hold great meaning to you and learn from them how to write. However, to write needs you to be a reader and a writer to have an open mind and keep your thoughts flowing.

  1. Running

 A runner’s life cannot be compared to a non-runner’s life. Running every morning has a way of making you feel more alive with a purpose to accomplish. Running can begin right after you learn to walk. Running as part of your lifestyle keeps your mind warmed up, and new ideas can stream in your mind easily. The benefits of running a mile a day can have a life changing impact on your life.


Reading, writing and running are activities that can greatly change your life when you feel lost and unsure about life and your reasons for living. You can discover new ways of living and think by running every morning, reading a chapter of a book every day, and writing something about your experiences or ideas you have in mind. With time, your relationships become better as your confidence and self-esteem blossom to make you self-aware of yourself. Taking a moment each day on reading, running and writing will definitely pay off in future.

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